• "I got my life back, thanks to you, James." –LiJing
  • "…James…fights hard and cares deeply." –Gene
  • "…James…was honest from the day we met and I thank him with all my heart." –Yee
  • "I am grateful for the day I met James." –Carol
  • "The man is a straight shooter, he looks out for his clients
    and he is amazing in the courtroom." –Jeff
Specializing In... State and Federal Criminal Defense
In New York and throughout the country.

What Distinguishes
the Law Office of James Kousouros?

Experience Mr. Kousouros is a seasoned, full service criminal defense attorney who has specialized in criminal defense litigation for over 20 years.
Effectiveness Mr. Kousouros knows exactly how to navigate the criminal justice system to ensure that you obtain the best resolution possible.
Professionalism Mr. Kousouros has earned a reputation for providing and maintaining the highest levels of professional and ethical standards.
Attentiveness Mr. Kousouros not only believes in frequent client contact, he insists upon it.