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Complex litigation for professionals and businesses.

Distinguished Reputation. Excellent results.


For over 30 years we’ve been fighting and winning life changing battles in state and federal criminal courtrooms in New York and throughout the country.

While we handle all types of criminal cases, we specialize in white collar prosecutions and serve a wide ranging clientele — including doctors, pharmacists, CEO’s, designers, financial professionals, lawyers, and business owners.

Our team provides excellent legal representation as well as a personalized level of service that prioritizes our clients needs.

James Kousouros

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Mr. Kousouros is a frequent guest as a legal commentator on various network and cable stations.

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Full Spectrum of State and Federal Criminal Prosecutions

Including white collar crimes such as securities violations, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, tax fraud, as well as homicides, narcotics violations, DWI, etc.

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Resolutions Crafted With Your Needs in Mind

Protecting your future — both personally and professionally — by zealously defending your freedom, your professional license, your employment, and your immigration status.

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Earning the Highest of Accolades

Mr. Kousouros’ advocacy is exemplary, and has earned him the praise of judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys alike. He has also been a lecturer at local law schools and leading law firms.


An Honest and Direct Appraisal of Your Criminal Case

During your free consultation, you will have substantive conversations about your case. No sales pitches and no empty promises of a guaranteed outcome.

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