These articles relate to cases Mr. Kousouros has handled or is currently handling, as well as articles for which he was sought out as an expert in criminal law.

Mafia Turns Scaredy-Cat

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7 Year Deal Taken in Murder

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Operators Of Queens Bingo Hall Charged With Theft

New York Truck Companies Investigated For Fraud

15 Accused Of Dealing Drugs At Midtown Manhattan Club

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Lawyer Who Faked Past Guilty Plea Guilty of Conspiracy and Forgery

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DA: Suffolk Heroin Dealers Busted

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Defense Lawyers Grill Informant In NYC Organized-Crime Trial

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White Plains Fatal Hit-Run Case Adjourned

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Queens man charged in Flower Hill T-Mobile store robbery freed on $1M bond

Racing Charges Upgraded

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Bell Prosecution Doubts: Legal Experts Say Witness Testimony Thus Far Bolsters Cops’ Claims They Opened Fire In Self-Defense

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Juror’s Note Sparks Stir In Mob Case

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Inmate: Mob Captain Hit List A Set-Up

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Accused Man Battles Queens DA ‘Politics’

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Cable and Network Appearances


Interview as a legal expert on the Ferguson Grand Jury decision.

Fox 5 News

Interview as a legal expert on the John Gotti prosecution

CW11 (part 1)

Interview as a legal expert on the Sean Bell prosecution

CW11 (part 2)

Interview as a legal expert on the Sean Bell prosecution

Discovery Channel, Investigations

Interview as the appellate attorney of record with host Paula Zahn regarding a client’s appeal from her conviction in a mistaken identity murder plot to kill her husband.

Channel 7, Eyewitness News

Interview as the attorney of record for a prison guard accused of beating an inmate.

Fox 5 News

Interview as legal expert regarding arrest of Joran Van der Sloot

Fox 5 News

Interview as legal expert regarding Yankee ticket probe of Gov. Patterson

Fox 5 News

Interview as legal expert on the DeGuglielmo murder case

Fox 5 News

Interview as a legal expert on the Andrew Cuomo investigation of Gov. Patterson.

Fox 5 News

Interview as legal expert on Connecticut home invasion murder case

Richard French live (RNN)

James Kousouros is a regular commentator on the Richard French Live Show, airing Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. Below are links to a few of those shows. To see more shows, click here.

Sheldon Silver Conviction

James Kousouros discusses the conviction of Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Unfair Plea Bargaining by Federal Prosecutors

Mr. Kousouros discusses federal prosecutor’s practice of overcharging those accused of a crime in order to extract guilty pleas.

Etan Patz Juror Holdout

Mr. Kousouros discusses the one juror holdout in the Etan Patz child murder case

When does fantasy constitute a crime?

Mr. Kousouros discusses the Cannibal Cop case and when thoughts can become a crime.

“Cannibal Cop” case

Mr. Kousouros discusses the “cannibal cop” case, and whether his threats made on Facebook constituted a crime.

Ferguson Under Fire

DA’s handling of Ferguson Grand Jury

Ray Rice Case

Mr. Kousouros discusses the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice assault case.

Verdict: Durst On-Camera Admission Not Admissible

In this mock debate, Mr. Kousouros argued that the inculpatory statements Robert Durst made while he was in the bathroom should not be admitted against him at trial.

Mark Bergdahl Case

In a mock debate, Mr. Kousouros presented an opening statement and answered inquiries in defense of the accused deserter.