Riki Ghosh

Riki Ghosh, Senior Counsel at the Law Offices of James Kousouros, brings over 11 years of criminal defense experience to the firm. He has defended over one thousand cases, and has conducted approximately twenty trials. His powerful command of the intricacies of New York criminal law, together with his aggressive motion practice and strong advocacy skills, have often resulted in the pre-trial dismissal of all charges against his clients.

Mr. Ghosh makes it his practice to utilize every tool available to him to ensure his pre-trial motions place his clients in the best position possible to defeat the charges against them. These tools include incisive analysis of all legal issues, masterful research skills, meticulously conducted investigations, as well as a creative approach to problem solving and thorough, time-consuming interviews with his clients. Mr. Ghosh has methodically reviewed and analyzed the new laws which have created the drastic changes we have seen in the New York criminal landscape, and has successfully argued their applicability to his clients’ cases – securing not only their freedom but, in many cases, the outright dismissal of all charges.

For those clients who proceed to trial, Mr. Ghosh uses his pre-trial litigation expertise to frame both the issues and the posture of the case in such a way as to place his client in the most strategic position possible to successfully wage that battle. He is a highly valued and indispensable member of our team.