Personalized Attention

If you, or someone you know, is facing or fearing a criminal investigation or prosecution, you need a criminal defense attorney who you can:

  • trust
  • feel comfortable with
  • be confident has the expertise and experience you need

You also need someone you are convinced will:

  • fight zealously and aggressively for you
  • protect you at every turn
  • be the lawyer you want, and need, by your side

James Kousouros is committed to developing a trusting and productive attorney-client relationship, and he understands that this requires both personal and professional attention. That is why he is always available to discuss the case and its ramifications with his clients, and why his clients always rest assured, knowing he is working hard and fighting hard on their behalf.

Crafting Resolutions with Your Needs in Mind

Mr. Kousouros understands how disruptive criminal charges can be for an individual — both personally and professionally — and he will do everything possible to protect:

  • your freedom
  • your professional license
  • your business
  • your employment and/or immigration status

The Benefits of a Small Firm, with the Advantages of a Large One

The Law Offices of James Kousouros offers you the benefits of a small firm – a personalized and comfortable environment where your needs are paramount — with the same legal resources available to the larger firms:

  • private investigators and bail bondsmen
  • forensic experts
  • interpreters
  • the latest in electronic databases for court documents and case data
  • a dedicated team of professional and support staff

James Kousouros’ Promise to his Clients

Mr. Kousouros will fight – vigorously, strategically, and effectively – at every stage of your defense. He will use everything at his disposal to defend you:

  • his deep knowledge of the law
  • his thorough command of the intricacies of the criminal justice system
  • his familiarity with the theories and tactics of the prosecutors
  • the results of his thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances of your case

Armed with all of this and more, he will devise a compelling theory of your case and develop strategies to take advantage of every opportunity that arises – during negotiations, pretrial litigation, and trial – to accomplish his goal of achieving the best resolution possible.