Free Consultation

In most cases, Mr. Kousouros will provide you with a free consultation. This consultation will include substantive conversations about the specifics of your case; it will not include sales pitches. In preparation for this meeting, Mr. Kousouros will ask that you either bring your paperwork to the meeting or send it to him via fax or email. If the case is electronically filed, or if you send him the paperwork, he will take the time to review it prior to meeting with you. At the outset of the consultation, Mr. Kousouros will assess your situation to determine first if you need a lawyer, and second if he is the right lawyer for you.

What you can expect An honest and direct appraisal of your criminal case. You will hear what you need to hear in order to make an informed decision that is rooted in the realities of your case: the truth. What you will not hear are promises or guarantees of a particular outcome—no lawyer can or should provide such assurances.


In those cases where the client is under investigation and has not been arrested, Mr. Kousouros will contact authorities to ensure that his client is not questioned unless he is at his client’s side. He will review the facts with the client and often commence his own investigation in order to gather evidence to assist in his efforts to prevent an arrest—an outcome he has often achieved. If an arrest is unavoidable, Mr. Kousouros will do everything possible to arrange for a voluntary surrender and spare his client the indignity of a public arrest.

What you can expect The benefit of his long and mutually respectful relationships with both law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. This is not a time to be antagonistic—it is a time to tactfully discuss a client’s situation with the authorities and to do everything possible to ensure they will be open to ideas and arguments that assist in your case.


Mr. Kousouros will immediately conduct meetings with his client in order to get a full and complete account of who his client is and the circumstances surrounding the criminal charges. Every case involves these two components—the case and the person. If it turns out that the case is too strong, mitigation is often found in the person.

What you can expect Mr. Kousouros will take all necessary steps and precautions to ensure that evidence is preserved, leads are investigated, witnesses are located and interviewed, and all evidence is examined. He will also visit the scene – a step that is critical to ensure time sensitive evidence is preserved. These efforts will allow him to identify both the strengths and the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case—a task indispensable to pre-trial hearings, trial preparation and plea negotiations.

Pre Trial Discovery and Negotiations

Once discovery is received, no matter how voluminous, Mr. Kousouros and his team immediately begin the very time consuming process of unpacking the government’s case and compartmentalizing and analyzing the evidence. He does NOT wait until a month before trial to begin this often very time consuming, but always essential, work. It is this analysis that reveals what he needs to investigate and where the government’s case is weak – both critical components during negotiations and trial.

What you can expect Peace of mind, knowing that your attorney has readied himself for trial, but has also placed himself in as strong a position as possible for plea negotiations.

Pre-trial Motions

Mr. Kousouros will use his considerable experience to strategically navigate the pre-trial process in a manner that safeguards all of his client’s rights and best interests. He will assert all standard legal rights in his motion papers, and will use his creativity and dexterity to devise novel arguments and positions where appropriate.

What you can expect Mr. Kousouros’ motions are, like all other areas of his practice, of the highest quality and consistently earn the praise of judges and prosecutors alike.


Having tried scores of cases in both state and federal courts, Mr. Kousouros has developed and mastered the most effective strategies for all aspects of trial litigation. He always has a full command of both the legal issues and the theories and tactics of the prosecutors. He has a unique ability to connect with the jurors, a strategic and lazar focused model of cross- examination, and he is a persuasive and passionate advocate during closing arguments. All of these skills and strategies, together with his thorough and meticulous trial preparation, combine to arm James Kousouros with all he needs to mount the best defense possible for his client. (Profile).

What you can expect The one thing every person facing a criminal trial needs: complete confidence that you have truly received your day in court. You will walk away knowing that Mr. Kousouros fought hard, fought smart, and fought passionately in your defense. And you will be confident that you received exactly what you deserve: the best defense possible.


If you face a sentencing proceeding, Mr. Kousouros will exhaust every means at his disposal to attain the most lenient sentence possible for you. In his over 30 years of experience, James Kousouros has perfected the art of the sentencing presentation in both state and federal courts, and has achieved notable results in a remarkable number of them.

What you can expect Mr. Kousouros’ mission is to achieve the best resolution possible at every stage of the criminal process. During sentencing, that means he will conduct a thorough analysis of the state law or federal guidelines and statutes, and then apply his creativity and expertise to his sentencing submissions. At the end of the day, sentencing is not just about the crime a person committed, it’s about the life he or she led before and after that crime, too. At the proceeding, Mr. Kousouros will present a passionate and thorough recitation of all mitigating factors, ensuring that the presiding judge will be well informed of all the circumstances and details of your life that could possibly move the court toward leniency in your sentence.